Architectural Blueprints

A construction blueprint is a two-dimensional drawing that describes with great detail how your project should be constructed. It contains the specifications for vital structural components and important minutiae regarding new plumbing and electric network installations. You can use the blueprint to see the precise dimensions of your reconfigured floor plan and gauge how much space you’ll have in your new home.
  • Blueprints are investments, both for homeowners and contractors. Homeowners can peruse them when considering future improvements and renovations. They can also be used to expedite the rougher stages of the construction process.
  • Blueprints provide contractors with information necessary for building any main structure, such as safety, mechanical, and temperature concerns. This protocol guarantees that your home is both safe and functional.
  • When we design any new floor plan or renovation, your needs are our priority. Whether small or large, we approach the project for your dream home with you and your family always in mind. We make sure that every need and desire your family might have is met with and taken care of.

  • Behind us is a retinue of architects that we’ve cultivated special relationships with over the years. They work very well with our clients, and we’re more than happy to include them in projects for special rates.
  • We only recommend architects that we’d hire for our own renovation needs. They take your budget, your family, and the style of your house into consideration when designing blueprints for our team. At BT Construction, we treat every project as if we were working on our own home. We like to remind our architects about our mission state because they provide your home with their personal touch.

We can tell you whether or not you’ll need blueprints for your new renovation, depending on the size of your enterprise. Many of our clients already have architects drawing up blueprints for their homes and projects, which is great news for a contractor! That means you’re one step closer to building your dream home, and that allows us to immediately start putting together a bid and plan for you! We oftentimes find ourselves working alongside new architects. We provide them with the best, possible experience of turning their blueprints into a reality, including top finishes and detailing.

Our approach as contractors is to ensure that everyone (you, us, and the architect) agrees on the blueprint design and the layout of your new home. After that, we approach the engineers about signing off on the design. We work with several engineers that specialize in these kinds of projects, making sure that every phase of the development process meets safety and code requirements. Once it gets approved, we’re ready to begin construction. You and your happiness, as our client, are the top priority.

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