About Me

My journey began with a dream. In 1967, my young parents left their Peruvian home with their baby girl and set off for the United States, chasing the American dream. However, their first attempt was unsuccessful and they soon returned home. My own dream began at the LAX airport in 1983. Seven passports were stamped: my parents, myself, and four siblings. As a young girl filled with ambition, I eagerly learned the language and within a few months was able to enroll at the Los Angeles Valley College. I graduated with a degree in Business Administration.

Soon after I married and had two children, and learned to depend on my husband as I traded my career for a family of my own. But thirteen years into my marriage, I was knocking on my parent’s door, asking for shelter for me and my 2 children. What to do now? I had no work experience, no money and was in the middle of a difficult divorce. Though I was unable to find work, I decided to follow my parent’s example of owning their own small business. I got my Real Estate License, and soon noticed a common trend among my clients. Many people were in need of remodeling and upgrades before selling or after buying their homes. I decided to address this directly, and got a California General Contractor’s License.

After attending several Real Estate and Self-Development Seminars, I founded BT Construction in 1999. In 2016 we incorporated to become BT Construction & Development, Inc., a company that has passion for the business and respect and appreciation for our customers, who are always our priority and the reason for our success. We strive to deliver professional dedication, craftsmanship, affordability and peace-of mind to every single one of our customers.

About BT Construction & Development

Our Success Story Begins With Our Customers

Our customers have always been our main priority, which is one of many contributions to our success. We feature the leading products from the top manufacturers in the industry, allowing us to provide cost-effective renovation, building and remodeling services anywhere in Southern California. There are many reasons for our success, and the most important include:

  • Clearly detailed project plans, including budget and timeline

  • Our exceptional crew of professional, skilled and knowledgeable employees

  • Consistently favorable ratings from satisfied customers

  • Our dedication to your complete satisfaction

  • High quality service at affordable rates

We strive to deliver professional, friendly service and exceptional quality products on every project we manage.


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