Attempting any kind of home renovation project without the counsel of an interior designer is a mistake. Online research can only get you so far. Interior designers are trained to avoid the potential pitfalls and search for creative possibilities. Here are six reasons why you need to hire one for your next renovation project.


A professional interior designer’s impact on any project is invaluable. Not only will they see details you may have overlooked, but they will operate more efficiently in planning and executing all of your designs. Designers know what is possible and what simply can’t be done. A professional also has the extensive connections to make a project run smoother.


Interior designers know which materials should be used in home remodeling and reliable sources for those materials. They have access to well-suited, exclusive, and dependable contractors. They may even offer discounts and better price points using their connections. Renovations are investments, and professional designers can help you find the best resources for the lowest prices.


Many home renovation projects require certain permits before any work can be done. Oftentimes that permit process can be very irritating, confusing, and time-consuming. Professionals know which projects explicitly require permits according to your locality, and how to handle the permitting department. Permits can save lives and save you money. The process doesn’t have to be excruciating with a hired professional.


All of the intricate and confusing details that will inevitably arise can be handled by your designer, relieving you of the anxiety that naturally comes with home renovation. The right designer will be at your side throughout the entire process, from conception to delivery. They have the expertise and the wherewithal to streamline your project, which can spare you from months of unnecessary work and keep your renovations under-budget.


Communication is very important for home renovation projects. Some of your ideas might be hard to convey, and some might seem easy only on paper. Good designers know the language of contractors and know what it takes to turn open concepts into a workable plan. They’ll be able to clearly advise and discuss the strategy with the renovation team, ensuring that your ideas become a reality.


Interior design requires a fusion of art and pragmatism. Professional designers offer different viewpoints and perceive three-dimensional space in ways that we cannot. They also have a deep knowledge base regarding colors, lighting, materials, and every other facet involved in renovation. Their good design sense is important for perfecting the flow of a living space. With an interior designer by your side, your newly renovated house will both look and feel beautiful.


At BT Construction & Development Inc., our contractor, Bianca Torsarkissian, can provide you with valuable insight into your next renovation or design job. She has years of experience working different styles of houses and a variety of other projects. Working with a contractor has never been easier! Especially when your contractor has the capability and design acumen to choose the best color pallets, fixtures, finishes, and materials in order to deliver your ideal property and help you stay within your budget.

Working with Bianca for all of your design needs will streamline the entire decision-making process. You’ll never have to worry about delays due to design flaws because your contractor and your designer are one and the same! These types of delays usually occur when a fixture or material is ordered with the wrong dimensions or becomes impractical due to the structure’s mechanical design.

We can help you save time and money by guaranteeing that all materials, fixtures, and mechanical hardware work harmoniously and in conjunction with one another, furnishing your home with a beautiful design and maximum functionality.

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